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Vespa Adventures Siem Reap Sponsored Helmet Campaign

There is a helmet campaign in Siem Reap Province, which helped on 16th September, a few days before the Pchum Ben Festival. This event was organized by AIP Foundation and supported by National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) and sponsored by Vespa Adventures Siem Reap.

Vespa Adventures Siem Reap & Phare Circus

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Our Angkor Tour Special Pictures

This package is the ideal way to spend a full day in Siem Reap. Join us on Our Angkor tour and explore the famous “Kingdom of Wonder” with locals that grew up here. We try to avoid large tourist groups on this adventure, and enjoy a delicious Khmer meal for lunch. This one of a…

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Siem Reap Sunrise Special Pictures

The Sunrise Signature Package includes the Angkor Sunrise Tour, the Countryside Life Tour, After Dark Foodie Tour and the Phare Circus evening show. Below is a sample schedule, but we are flexible if you’d like to change it around or take more than 2 days. Book this ride

Countryside Life Tour Special Pictures

This package is the ideal way to spend a full day in Siem Reap. Get off the beaten tourist trail of Siem Reap and explore the countryside with our Countryside Life Tour. Explore the local market, see how families live and use their surroundings on a daily basis, and see an ongoing temple restoration that…

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Siem Reap Standard Special Pictures

The Siem Reap Signature Packages are designed to give you a complete up close and personal Cambodian experience through a keen selection of the best that Siem Reap has to offer, all in at least 2 or more days, if you have the time. The Signature Tours are a well-balanced combination of in-depth history Book…

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Countryside Life Tour Pictures

While the Angkor temple city is the most popular of Siem Reap activities, no visit to Siem Reap is complete without getting to know the true Cambodian countryside and life the shadow of Angkor Wat. Besides truly spectacular rides on the back of your comfortable Vespa you will meet Cambodians and learn how they make…

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Our Angkor Tour Pictures

On the back of your Vespa you comfortably navigate the magnificent Temple City of Angkor to explore its most famous, most beautiful, most astounding temples and many hidden jewels not everyone is lucky enough to see. After all: you are mobile and not stuck in a bus!. This tour will give you a real sense…

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After Dark Foodie Tour Video

You have spent your day at Angkor Wat and now want to know what Siem Reap is like After Dark. Join our Vespa’s on this fresh and exclusive expedition of exotic foods and brews in authentic Khmer places that you never imagined existed. Book this ride

Countryside Life Tour Video

Enjoy many encounters with Cambodians who gather surprising resources for their daily livelihood. There is an introduction to the Khmer spiritual life that is so important to all Cambodians and an excursion over one of the most extraordinary inheritances of the Khmer empire. Book this ride